Discover the Best Diet for Post-Covid Recovery

Life may have returned to normalcy but the Covid-19 scare still exists, affecting the lives of millions globally. A reported surge in symptoms related to the digestive system like bloating, stomach ache, gaseousness and acidity has made it critical to work towards gut health restoration during your post-Covid recovery. 

It isn’t surprising to see a sense of collective fear about the post-Covid recovery symptoms, especially for critical care patients (those admitted to the Intensive Care Unit) during their infection. While even an asymptomatic or a mild case of infection can cause post covid-19 symptoms after recovery, it is important to understand a few key statistics:

  • More than 50% of patients face fatigue, performance issues and mental fogginess.
  • About 40% of patients face mental health issues like anxiety, depression, etc
  • 80% of people continue to witness at least one symptom even up to a year after their post covid recovery
  • These alarming statistics sure beat the best horror movie, and safe to say scare the living daylights of many. However, we can manage fear and misinformation by staying abreast with our gut health and ensuring our body gets optimum nutrition to ease our post covid recovery symptoms.

    Post-Covid Diet Tips

    THE DO’S:
    1. A protein rich diet that includes eggs, pulses, fish, nuts and seeds
    2. Foods rich in zinc like fish, whole grains and milk products
    3. Ghee or white butter helps lungs recover fast 
    4. Anti-inflammatory foods like kadhas, raw turmeric, basil, ginger and garlic 
    5. Moderate intake of sugary foods 
    6. Take herbal tea between meals
    7. For insulin-sensitive patients, incorporate high fibre cereals and pulses like jawar, bajra, ragi, brown rice, oatmeal, millets, quinoa which take longer to digest
    8. Replenish fluids by drinking up to 3 litres of water everyday
    9. Include soups, coconut water and fresh juices in your diet
    10. Choose sour fresh fruits over sweet to ease digestion
    1. Skip meals. Instead, have frequent, smaller meals to ease the body’s digestion and nutrient absorption.
    2. Eat raw foods as they are difficult to digest
    3. Avoid processed foods like chips, biscuits and cookies
    4. High-salt items like papad, chutney and pickle are best avoided  
    5. Limit alcohol intake

    What to keep in mind?

    Ensuring a balanced diet after covid recovery is essential not only for ICU patients, but also for :

    • People of advanced age
    • People with co-morbidities like Diabetes and Hypertension
    • People who are immuno-compromised
    • People with chronic conditions like constant fatigue, digestive problems and poor immune systems
    • People with health issues like Obesity

    A personalized dietary intervention is important for all the aforementioned types of patients to ease their return to normalcy. 

    Personalized Nutrition vs Standard Nutrition

    Doctors are increasingly directing post-covid patients to dieticians and personalized diet programs to accelerate their post-hospitalization recovery. This is because maintaining an optimum combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals is key while planning diet after covid recovery. Besides, each one of us have:

    • A unique gut microbiome 
    • A unique combination of DNA or genetic code
    • A unique health history of lifestyle related disorders 
    • A unique family history of health conditions

    Since our bodies process, absorb and digest different ingredients and nutrients differently, a standardised approach to health and nutrition isn’t as effective as a personalized intervention. Navipoint Health’s integrated DNA + Gut Microbiome test examines your body’s unique DNA and gut microbiome to prepare a comprehensive diet programme that accelerates your post-Covid recovery. 

    What is the correlation between your Diet, Gut Health and Covid-19 infection?

    When the Covid-19 virus infects the human body, it latches its spiky surface proteins to receptors on healthy cells. It often starts with basic flu symptoms but eventually affects your lungs, liver, kidneys, and even your brain. The infection has an impact on the gut-lung axis and even impacts your unique gut microbiota. Didn’t know your gut microbiome is unique? Read this to learn more. The alteration in the gut leads to a dysbiosis and eventually contributes to varying degrees of post-Covid symptoms. A severe case of dysbiosis could even hamper recovery and require a personalized dietary intervention. 

    Navipoint Health’s Covid-19 Recovery Program comprises a two-phase approach that helps rebalance your unique gut microbiome for enhanced post covid recovery.

    Phase 1: Preparatory phase / 4 to 5 weeks

    The goal is to reactivate healthy eating habits to help restore nutrient levels in the body.
    We also call this the “Starter Nutrition Plan”

    Phase 2: Gut Restoration phase / 8 to 10 weeks

    The goal is to rebalance your gut microbiome to ensure a healthy diversity of gut bacteria. You receive a detailed report on “Gut Microbiome Analysis” to help understand your body.  It is recommended that you follow these recommendations for at least 2-3 months to notice visible change.

    Not only this, our test offers a wealth of information about microbial richness and diversity, gut performance, vitamin production, immunity, Covid-19-gut status, gene profile and gut-lung profile. Personalized diet and wellness recommendations help rebalance the gut bacteria which has gone into a state of dysbiosis due to antibiotic usage. 

    Looking for a detailed diet chart that focuses on all food groups? Connect with our team or visit our website at

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