How does Gut Health affect my Skin?

Read to know about skin health, gut health and the connection between the two.

Gut and Skin Connection: How does my gut health affect my skin?

For the longest time, it was believed that the gut and the skin are two distinct organs. However, suc has shown that they are very much related to each yother. While they perform different functions, they both protect the body from harmful elements. In fact, the health of the gut has a direct impact on skin health. Therefore, if you look after your gut, you will also be looking after your skin.

What is Gut Health?

Gut refers to the digestive tract that extends from the mouth, passing through the digestive organs (like the esophagus, stomach, and intestines), and ends with the rectum and anus. The gut is responsible for processing all nutrients you consume. It uses peristalsis (aka muscular contractions) to move the food through your digestive system.  When the gut becomes inflamed, it can have a serious impact on the body. Understanding the connection between the gut and health is vital to living a healthy, pain-free life.

The Gut-Skin Axis

Your skin is a great barometer to keep a check on what’s going on inside. Your body is made up of several trillions of bacteria (microbiome) that exist naturally in your gut. When your digestive balance is off — whether due to stress, poor diet or lack of sleep — the gut health is imbalanced, and it can cause inflammation. The inflammatory response manifests itself differently across different individuals. In some people, it can cause acne or redness. For some, it could trigger skin sensitivity, while in others it could lead to breakdown of collagen that causes wrinkles. An inflamed gut could also manifest itself with symptoms like bloating, cramping, diarrhoea and occasionally even blood in the stools! 

According to Hippocrates, the father of medicine, “All disease begins in the gut”.

80 percent of the body’s immunity is in the gut. This is why conquering gut health is the first step in preventing skin disorders like rosacea, rashes, breakouts, redness, dryness, spots or eczema. An unhealthy gut directly impacts the appearance of your skin. 

It is no surprise that gut health and skin health often takes a back seat for us until symptoms arise. However, your gut is where you make nutrients, metabolize hormones and detoxifying enzymes, neutralize pathogens and make neurotransmitters—so it truly holds the key to good health. 

How does gut imbalance lead to skin problems?

The human gut microbiome is a complex colony of bacteria that inhabit your gut. So gut health and skin problems are more closely related than you can imagine. If we experience a leaky gut or digestion problems, our skin is usually the first place we notice it. Sometimes, the connection is obvious. For example – drinking milk triggers indigestion, hives, a rash or eczema. However, in most cases, the correlation is difficult to identify. Gut Microbiome testing helps identify conditions prevalent inside your body. By identifying and targeting the root cause, Navipoint Health helps you approach wellness in a holistic way.


Gut to Glow: Boost gut health to achieve glowing skin

What you put into your body can have a huge impact on your gut health. The food and nutrients you consume not only nourish your body but also act as fodder to the microscopic army of gut bacteria. For long, probiotics and prebiotics have been branded as some of the best foods for gut microbiome. Of course, they help bolster your immune system and overall wellbeing but there’s more science at play.

So, how to improve gut health?

You would be wondering – Ok, I saw that probiotic brand online the other day. Now that I know how important gut health is for skin health, I am going to start probiotic supplements right away. 

You might want to hold on to that thought. Taking a probiotic supplement with high numbers of only one strain is in fact the opposite of balancing your microbiome. It’s almost like signing up your microbes to enter a foreign country for which they are yet to receive government authorization. 

Instead, one must look at wellness as a multi-pronged, scientific approach. We could break this into four key pillars – food, fitness, emotional and spiritual well being. Navipoint Health leads your way towards self discovery by providing powerful insights after conducting an integrated DNA + Gut Microbiome test. Guided by the principle ‘Let food be thy medicine‘, we steer clear of diagnostics or medications. We help you create slow, meaningful change that allows you to sustain your healthy lifestyle.

We understand food plays a huge role in your wellbeing. Therefore, our wellness reports offer detailed insights into foods that work or do not work for your body type. Foods rich in fiber are key for maintaining gut health. It is what your gut microbes feed on. They ferment the fiber as they feed on it, creating anti-inflammatory compounds called short chain fatty acids that help improve the appearance of skin. 

Another thing to consider? Your antibiotic intake.

Antibiotics are designed to kill bad bacteria. However, when we ingest them, they also damage the microbiome and wipe out a significant number of ‘good’ bacteria. After a course of antibiotics, it could take months or even years to restore the beneficial gut bacteria that is lost. 

To sum it all up

Gut dysbiosis (imbalance in gut bacteria composition) is linked with a wide range of health concerns. Experts universally agree that eating a balanced diet rich in a variety of nutritious foods accompanied by a healthy lifestyle (regular exercise, adequate sleep, stress management) helps balance the gut microbiome.

When executed sustainably, for a longer period of time, about 3-6 months, it helps bring about a permanent shift in overall health. Since most of us fail to keep up with trial and error to discover long-term effects of healthy habits, signing up for a dual DNA + Gut Microbiome test can reveal life altering insights that help in greater nutrient absorption and improved immunity.

Throw the guesswork out and take agency over your personal wellness by booking your at-home testing kit at  

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